Are You Stupider Than A Kindergarten Student? App Reviews

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Very funny good for a laugh


This is by far the worst app.A total waste of money, not worth it at all.

Like it.

This is funny.


Its so funny!! Haha love it. Totally worth buying. :)

Its Okay

The game was ok. I think its hilarious the first couple of times you play but the questions get old fast.


this game is useless u cant go past level 10 n u end up with the same answer DONT BY THIS GAME!


a waste of money and time. you are stupider if you buy this.

Its more funny

Although it gets old kinda fast, this is really funny and entertaining. Also better than 5th grader. In fact, the 5th grader game is stupidier than this one! Update: thanks for putting up my question. Although I got it from this other kid who asked the astronomy teacher that question. Then again, I did make up the answers.

Pretty cool...

Its a pretty cool app but it does get kinda old fast. Once you get it updated its not though. Really funny anyway though and has a cute little video w/ fireworks after a few questions telling you if youre stupider than a kindergarten student. Overall its really cool I reccommend it. Typed on my iPod Touch.

Good whyll it lasted

The game was funny and found myself thinking about alot of them before I submited it. But, it was a short game that lasted me only 15-20 min.but it was good whyll it lasted . I give the quiz to my friends and family. I reccomend it to anyone who loves to laugh with their friends.enjoy!


This game is hilarious!!! It asks u a bunch of awesome,hilarious questions! U get a bunch of points and its hilarious!!! I recommend it to u!! Its worth 1buck


Its good but gets boring after a while I totally agree with #6


Some of the questions were funny but for the most part this game was totally pointless.

Freakin stupid

This dumb and I passed it in all but it was no fun

Good for older people.

My 6 year old was playing on my iPhone, and did this app. She started bawling because she was stupid, according to the test. Better for older children.

Pretty Good!

Well I was looking up "Are You Smarter Than A 5th Grader?" and I just saw this app, so I bought it and played it. I loved the questions and the responses if you get it right or wrong! Love it!!!!!!

Worse app I ever purchased.

This is very stupid and not worth it.

Stupid game

I hate it!!!!! I hate the video at the end plz fix that


This app didnt even spell some of the words in its questions correctly.

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