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Are You Stupider Than A Kindergarten Student?

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Juegos Entretenimiento Educación Trivia
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Feeling smart? Take this test and see if youre smarter, oops, stupider than a kindergarten student.

If you fail then theres no hope for you. But, at least you will know it.

If you pass, and someone calls you stupid. At least you can tell them you aint stupider than a kindergarten student.

The test is open book, and you can ask the person next to you for help, if you get stuck on a question.

Sample Question:

What does your teacher do while you take your nap?
A. She takes a nap too.
B. Dont know, because Im asleep.
C. She gets together with the other teachers and they discusses relevant social issues.
D She sits quietly, so we can sleep.

Where does milk come from?
A. Your Mommy.
B. Wal Mart.
C. Goats.
D. Cows.

How many cookies do you eat at snack time?
A. More than Timmy.
B. None, cookies are an unhealthy snack item.
C. Two.
D. Whatever my teacher gives me.